Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan




Tai Chi Fast Form

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The Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chang Chuan, otherwise known as the tai chi fast form, is a rare fist form that is absent in almost all the tai chi schools throughout the world--the reason being pretty obvious. The form consists of the combination of slow & fast movements. The uniqueness of the fast form is that of the fa-jing techniques in the fast parts of the form. Moreover, there are other unique postures that are absent in the slow form. Therefore, the fast form is not a faster version of slow forms that one often sees in other schools. The whole form is done with "power" throughout, from the beginning to the end, & that includes the slow parts as well--thus, making it extremely difficult to understand the internal principles of the form. The fast fist form along with the Solo form, the Dynamic pushing hands, san sau, weapon forms, chi gong, & the solo exercises, completes the system of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.