Sifu H. Won Gim


Sifu H. Won Gim has been training in the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan since the spring of 1982, under the guidance of Grandmaster Gin-Soon Chu, who is the second disciple of Great grandmaster Yang, Sau-Chung. After 15 plus years of training, Sifu Gim received the permission from Grandmaster Chu to teach the complete Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (see Curriculum) in New York City. Currently, Sifu Gim is the only person who has received this permission from Grandmaster Chu for NYC.

On September 5, 2010 SIFU H. Won Gim officially became a disciple of Grandmaster Gin-Soon Chu.

Sifu Gim supervises all the levels of his classes & teaches every student personally. With a firm belief in the value of a dedicated training, his traditional training methods & modern approaches present a unique way of attaining & understanding of the powerful internal principles of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, physically & intellectually.

All are welcome to observe, interact, & experience the remarkable internal power of Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Gim & his students.